Wednesday, April 22, 2009

L is for Languishing Languages

LOL! This poist is going 2 b gr8! B4 IMing, it would b hard 2 read this. This butchered lingo is standard issue 4 texting & is crossing age boundaries. I don't even have 2 use words, I can use emoticons to get my point across:

:o) = I'm happy
:o( = I'm sad
:oO = I'm shocked
:oD = I'm grinning like a hyena
:oP = I'm sticking my tongue out
>:oO = I'm angry
:o? = I'm confused
:o[ = I'm a vampire
Xo( = I'm knocked out

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. (thank you Yul Brynner)

I know that grammarians are probably >:o/ over such replacements for language, but let's look at the postives. For journalists, texting can teach conciseness, because it can be difficult to punch out all those letters on such a small platform.

Here's Amanda's challenge for today: go to notepad and type out a paragraph about anything, then paste that puppy into Word and see how well you did. Alas spellcheck, you make us accurate and lazy at the same time :o{> (this one has a mustache and beard...just because).


  1. Haha I think this shorthand comes in handy if you're covering a story and have to write as quickly as possible. The only problem would probably be deciphering all the scribbled-down texting lingo.