Wednesday, April 15, 2009

K is for Kamikaze Kankles

What on earth? Got your attention, right? Did you laugh? According to a study I found online, people think that words with a K sound in them are funnier than other words. So what does this have to do with anything? Well, in lab we have been practicing cutlines and we all need a clever edge to get Follis laughing and in turn get a good grade.

So a quick trip to the slang dictionary online produced my title this week. I know that the word “kankles” is technically not a proper word and would be unsuitable for use in a cutline or headline, unless it were set off by quotation marks. I love how as I am writing this, Microsoft Word is frightened by the word and has it underlined in red with spelling suggestions that include: ankles, rankles, and kindles. Apparently Word is rankled by the notion of kankles and that is funny.

In conclusion, I’ve kept this brief, because brief is not a funny word, but is a desirable trait in a funny joke. So next time you are at a loss for words or need to be clever throw in a “k” – it’s a quick way to get to a happy day!


  1. This entry made me giggle. Kankles. I love the way you say Microsoft word is frightened by it.

  2. Based on your other blog titles, you seem to be all over the clever headline department.

  3. I absolutely love this post, Amanda! I think it's great that you have chosen to use such a different strategy in writing cutlines. I have to agree with the whole k-word thing, too. The first word I thought of while reading this article was "kangaroo." Why? No reason in particular, but it certainly came to mind, and it is quite a funny word. You should utilize this newfound tool when writing lead-ins, too. If a word like "kankles" was one of the first words I saw tagged to a story, I would most certainly read it.